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The flyboard is a quite unique device which becomes one with your personal water craft and reaches new heights both above and below the water’s surface.  How it attaches to the enthusiast is similar to a wakeboard. The power on the device comes from the jet ski which is controlled by throttle.  Your instructor will always be able to monitor how you are doing and adjust the power (or thrust) your flyboard receives.  This helps to make sure the experience is safe and geared to your comfort level.

You can rest in the water between adventures since it is buoyant and is completely safe to use. Rental locations require you use a personal flotation device as well as a helmet for added safety.  The helmet will protect you from potential head trauma in case you accidentally hit any structures while riding and as a shield from water damage to your ears.

There have been championships and competitions since late 2012 when they first became available on the market and continue to grow in popularity and attention.  Movies have featured the boards as of late and as time goes on more of the general population is taking interest.

Contrary to popular belief they are actually quite simple to learn how to use. If properly trained, most people pick up how to operate one in 5 minutes or less. In less than half an hour, most completely grasp how to use their flyboard and, of course, have a great deal of fun.  The fun only gets better with more practice as people learn just how much they can do on a flyboard. From simply speeding along the water to diving underneath and learning new tricks to send them spinning around, there is really no limit for anyone. If you are looking for a new extreme sport to try out, look no further. A flyboard is the perfectly safe, fun way to try something new and give yourself the thrill of a lifetime.

  • Tour Price: 65 €
  • Tour LOCATION: hurghada
  • Tour Length: : 30 minutes with famous professional trainers
  • Pick Up Point : : from your hotel
  • Tour Guide :
  • Cancellation policy: : free before 24 hours

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